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Best Practice for effective Internet Video Marketing is online distribution of your video on the internet far and wide so as to give your video the best possible chance of being found and viewed by more of your market audience. Distributing your video to many multiple locations on the internet will ensure that more people from your target market will find your video.

Since distribution of video and information to the top 100 websites takes many hours of work, most people simply do not have the time or the resources to manually upload video files and publish information to 100 locations on the internet. So how do you distribute your video content easily and quickly without spending hours of time and work? Answer: Syndication. Syndication is the automatic distribution and publication of your information and video content.

There are syndication services on the internet that allow you to automatically distribute and publish your content to the top websites and social media networks. Advanced marketers use syndication to distribute their videos and information online. You should too if you want your information to be found by more people online (including your target market).

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The most comprehensive syndication service on the internet is Traffic Geyser. They syndicate to the top 100 websites and social media networks. Click here for the distribution list. You can try Traffic Geyser Syndication without paying a full membership. Now you can syndicate just 1 video (or more) through Traffic Geyser without paying full price for Traffic Geyser.

BuzTrend provides substantial discounts for Traffic Geyser’s video syndication service. Now you can use Traffic Geyser for a very low price. Check out our prices for Traffic Geyser’s video syndication service, if you want to automatically distribute your video(s) for a very low cost.

You don’t have to sign up with Traffic Geyser to use this syndication service and you don’t even need to set up all the user accounts that are required to distribute your video. BuzTrend has already set up all the video channel user accounts on all the different websites and social media networks so you don’t have to.

However, if you want complete control and customization of your own video channel user accounts, then getting your own accounts is highly recommended. Fortunately, BuzTrend can set up all your own customized video channel user accounts for you. So Traffic Geyser Syndication is now available for a very low price to those who could not afford to use it before.

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