Video Marketing For $399

Video is very effective for sales and internet marketing

Online Video promotes your business and website. Video attracts your market audience.
Video increases traffic and sales conversion by over 30%. Click on video for more info…

We provide Professional Video Marketing, Production & Distribution. All for very low cost.

For complete information on Video Marketing and Distribution, get The BuzTrend Report.
This Report reveals Free (and low cost) resources to produce & distribute your own videos.

If you prefer to outsource your video production, distribution and marketing to experienced professionals, BuzTrend provides all these services at low prices. We produce professional, attention-grabbing, high call-to-action result videos. Whether you want a spectacular slide show presentation video or a full live action video that showcases your business, product or service, BuzTrend does it for very low cost and the results are phenomenal. Your sales will increase.

Visit the video gallery to see actual sample videos of real customers

BuzTrend has access to a global network of over 7,000 professional videographers and editors, who are ready to shoot your video at any location around the world using state-of-the-art digital technology. This global network of video experts has already produced and edited thousands of online videos in more than 70 countries for large and small business clients in every industry. The videos are professional, very effective and the price is $599, but we have arranged a special deal to get this very same video production package for only $199.

Here’s how it works. We have partnered with TurnHere, a global network of video production professionals around the world that has agreed to shoot and edit your video for only $199. They will produce your own custom video that profiles your unique products and/or services, shot on location, at a place you choose, and edited professionally.

Click on video to play this actual client video. For more examples, Click Here

Click on video to play this actual client video. For more examples, Click Here

But you get more when you order this video production package from

You will get to preview your video and make edits. You can use it for all your Internet video marketing (or anything else you choose). We can then guide and implement all your internet video marketing for you if you choose. You also get your video on DVD. For just $199, you get a professional video for your web site, PLUS, we will promote and market your video across the web to your market audience. Click Here for more information on video distribution

You get our easy-to-install video player for your web site (copy & paste HTML embed code), which we can install for you, or guide/instruct your webmaster, whichever you prefer.

  • Video hosting, streaming and online distribution of your video for one full year
  • Your video will appear on your web site, YouTube, Yahoo Video, Google Local, Facebook, DailyMotion and MetaCafe (you can also get more video distribution)
  • A DVD copy of your video

Click Here to get this complete video marketing package for only $199

PLUS when you buy a video marketing package with BuzTrend, we can also distribute your video to all the Top video websites via the Traffic Geyser video distribution/syndication system.
Click here for more information on BuzTrendā€™s Traffic Geyser video distribution service.

This is the best price for video production, distribution and internet video marketing. All in one package for the lowest price on the internet. You can only get this deal here at

We guide the entire process along to ensure that your video is produced and distributed on the internet properly for maximum effectiveness. BuzTrend will guide you step-by-step from start to finish through the entire video marketing process. Contact us at

If you need a website, BuzTrend can provide a website for you that is optimized for your internet marketing so that it captures traffic, builds your email list, & converts leads into sales.

Click here for information on Slide Show Presentation Videos.

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