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Video is very effective for online marketing, promotion and Social Media, but it’s expensive and cost-prohibitive for most people. But not anymore. Things have changed. Finally, advances in technology have made video inexpensive to produce. interserver

Low Cost, an online Low Cost Video Production company has reduced the cost of video production to an all time industry low by leveraging online technology. With prices starting at only $97, online video marketing is now cheap and affordable enough for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium sized businesses, who use video to reach their market on the internet and increase traffic to their website.

Don’t let the low prices fool you, their video production work is high quality and professional. You can see actual samples of their videos at their website.

You can order professional marketing videos that are customized for your business to promote your website, product or service online. Video Marketing has proven to be the hot new marketing trend for driving more traffic online. Most traffic online is video. 80% in 2015

Low Cost produces all kinds of videos, such as product demonstration videos and explainer videos, but it also produces videos that are effective for online video marketing. Using YouTube’s video advertising platform and Facebook Sponsored Video Ads, video marketing can drive more targeted traffic to your website and increase sales for your business.

Video is also very effective for social media, and now that video is so cheap, smart social media managers can easily incorporate video into their social media campaigns for their clients.

Low Cost video is able to lower video production costs by leveraging internet technology.  Greg Bird, a video producer with Low Cost Video, explains: “We’ve been able to bring down the cost of video production dramatically by leveraging the internet’s vast repositories of motion graphics, animation and large libraries of stock video footage, special FX templates and royalty-free music.

Most of the time, we don’t even need to shoot any video for our customers. We can use animation, cutting-edge motion graphics and already existing stock HD video footage pulled from many video databases we have access to. So that’s why we can offer prices for video production that are so low.”

“We also leverage internet technology by finding and collaborating online with video professionals, such as videographers, video editors and narrators all over the world who are very competitive, so we get the very best video services for the lowest price on the internet. We use the internet to reduce the cost of our services from our suppliers. We have very little overhead, unlike the typical video production company. So we are able to pass along the savings and offer the lowest price on the internet for custom videos to our customers.”

If you are not familiar with video marketing online, Low Cost Video specializes in producing video for marketing and social media for its customers. “Since most of our customers order marketing videos that sell, explain and promote a product or service, our video production is geared toward online video marketing and we can help people who may be interested but don’t know how to start. We help new customers by listening to their needs, consulting and guiding them through video production and we will even write the script for a video, if the customer wants that.”

For more information on low cost video marketing and production, check out their website at or their Facebook page at:

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