FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: After I submit my video and info, how long does the syndication process take?

Answer: Technically, it only takes a few minutes to distribute/syndicate to the target locations.

However, past experience has proven that if we distribute/syndicate the data files to all the target locations immediately, sometimes the search engines (and possibly even the target websites) perceive this rapid deployment and transfer of data to many locations as spamming. If this happens, the data may be rejected by various websites or slapped down by the search engines and will not receive a good ranking by the search engine algorithms.

So, in order to avoid this, our syndication (actually the Traffic Geyser system) employs a time delay submission process whereby your data is sent out on a carefully timed delay to the various website locations so as not to trigger any spam alerts. This protects your data files from being rejected or slapped down by the search engines or the various websites.

The time delay process slows down the syndication process to human speed, as if humans were doing it. If we allowed the system to go at computer speed, it might be perceived as spam.

So, because of the time delayed submission process and the volume of orders, it may take 24 to 48 hours to complete syndication. We wish we could just syndicate all the video files immediately so we could process every syndication order in a few minutes, but in order to make all the syndication effective and successful and to prevent your data files from being rejected or slapped down, the system employs the time delay submission process.

So you will receive a confirmation email (with links) after your syndication order is complete, approximately 24 to 48 hours after you submit your syndication order.

Question: Why should I pay you to distribute my video? Why can’t I just do it myself?

Answer: Of course, you can always distribute your video and information yourself. It will take you hours of time and manual effort to do it yourself. So our syndication service is for those who want to save hours of time and work by outsourcing this task to BuzTrend. We have priced our syndication service so that it is less expensive than if you paid a human to do it for you.

Buztrend distributes to 30 video websites, plus 5 social media networks, 20 social bookmarking websites, 5 blog networks and 30 article directories.

BuzTrend uses the Traffic Geyser Video Syndication system to automatically distribute your video and information to almost 100 websites and networks. This is the most comprehensive, widespread distribution coverage on the internet. BuzTrend provides this syndication service for less cost than if you went to Traffic Geyser directly.

So for very low cost, you are able to distribute your video across the web, bringing you a lot more exposure and traffic for your website.

You should take advantage of all available methods to generate more traffic to your website, and BuzTrend’s video syndication service simply adds another effective, powerful tool to your internet marketing toolbox.

Complete information is revealed in the BuzTrend Report available at BuzTrend.com